Café Culture in Cape Town

Café Culture in Cape Town 7 coffee shops that French press to impress One of the many delightful things about the Mother City is its café culture, which is reminiscent of life on the European continent. Whether you fancy sipping a macchiato on a comfortable couch, or savouring a caffe latte while watching the world […]

Saddle up on a Luxury Horse Safari

Saddle up on a Luxury Horse Safari  3 luxury horse safaris Are you champing at the bit to escape into the wild? If you are an equestrian enthusiast, the unique thrill of exploring the bush on horseback has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime! The sounds and sights of the savannah take […]

Boutique, c’est chic!

Boutique, c’est chic! 7 incredibly chic boutique beauties in South Africa A stay in a boutique hotel always feels so special, and these chic and charming establishments tend to have a certain je ne sais quoi that can be difficult to describe. The luxury is unrivalled; the attention to detail is remarkable; and a chain […]

Markets in the Mother City

Markets in the Mother City 7 stand-out markets in Cape Town Local is lekker in Cape Town and markets are all the rage — providing locals and holidaymakers with the opportunity to buy handcrafted goods, as well as fresh (often organic) foodstuff that hails from the area. These markets also provide local farmers and craftsmen […]

Flyboarding in South Africa

Flyboarding in South Africa Soar high above the surf Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well, you could do so on your next luxury vacation, thanks to a water sports craze called flyboarding that is best described as a combination of surfing and flying. The flyboard is essentially a surfboard that bolts onto a jetski […]

Swim with wild dolphins in Mozambique

Swim with wild dolphins in Mozambique Immerse yourself in this tropical underwater world A dream for many people is to take to the oceans and swim with dolphins. It’s said that a dolphin’s sonar frequencies can even alter your cellular structures, leaving you with a sense of peace and happiness that you just can’t put […]

New Safari Lodges in South Africa

New Safari Lodges in South Africa Three new luxury lodges When the routine of life wears you out, sometimes a retreat somewhere brand new will help restore our exuberance and creativity! Some fabulous lodges in South Africa have recently had a fabulous makeover, while others have seized the opportunity to open new doors in lesser […]

6 Epicurean Experiences

6 Epicurean Experiences Food tours of palatable proportions As the birthplace of biltong, boerewors and bunnychow, as well as sweeter delights, such as melktert, malva pudding and koeksisters, South Africa has as much to offer the luxury cousine fundi as it does the eyes. Thanks to the country’s cultural diversity, you’re likely to experience a range […]

Bubbles and Brunch

Bubbles and Brunch Six upmarket brunch spots Brunch is arguably the best invention of all time (bar the wheel, perhaps), and what could make your eggs benedict taste better than a glass of champers on a lazy weekend morning? The champagne brunch trend has thankfully taken off in South Africa, and here are six upmarket […]

A Special Kind of Luxury in Southern Africa

A Special Kind of Luxury in Southern Africa Seven unicorns of the hotel world There are many unusual places to stay in Southern Africa, and there are also many luxurious places to stay. However, it’s somewhat of a rarity to find a combination of the two. Here are seven unicorns of the hotel world that […]