Christmas Kindness at Kerith

The Chance to Make a Difference

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Gifts for everyone!

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Our team at Elite Travel Concept has supported the community at Kerith Retreat in any way that we can and believe in the importance of encouraging and uplifting our local community. Helping in this way means that there are gifts for everyone - memories, relationships and heartfelt moments that can't be explained.

In early December we spent some time with these beautiful people and wanted to share their experience with you.

Outreach is not just about sending money, it’s about forging relationships and changing lives. At Elite Travel Concept - we are so proud of our team for getting involved, setting the bar high - and passing it!

Here is an email that we received from Kerith Retreat (unedited):

“Dear Liesl

Where do I start?

Super. Excellent. Unbelievable. Overwhelming. Dear.

Yes dear lady, if my English was more polished I could have added another 100 words of praise, to describe the opinion we have of your team.

The one and only, YOU, Anita, Max, Joanna, Anna, Melvyn, Christine, Steffi, Gail, Michelle, and, and and. To all of you, we SALUTE YOU. The hero Wilfred – what a splendid personality. The food: Piet, Minky and Hassan, they are the best.

Our Residents and staff feel very special on this lovely Sunday morning. We are still floating on the cloud you created.

I am so proud of all our Residents, for their behaviour and the miracle of all of them attending. We nearly had two last minute withdrawals but by sheer motivation and the promise of a luxury bus ride they all attended. It is usually a matter of convincing them that they have nothing to fear from the unknown.

The games you offered, the friendliness, the patience, the atmosphere you created, all contributed to the ease with which all bought in. Margie Carolus, Gysbert Coetzee and Kobus van Eck showed special skills.

The Christmas presents, all wrapped up neatly with a name on every parcel. Super.
Your going along with the process of handing over the parcels, a photograph of each Resident with the Celebrities of African Travel Concept, very special. The Kerith Retreat Staff, group photograph, the photograph of the whole group of about 80 plus people.

Cannot wait to see the result.

I don’t think you will ever understand the impact of such a special treat. Our Residents are mainly neglected people who expect only the worst from life. Their background is usually that of, living on the streets, even if they form part of a family. They were neglected, prone to misuse, drugs were their daily experiences.

We as staff of Kerith Retreat (speaking for ourselves only) give them a new purpose in life. HOW do we do it? By being embraced by people like you.

I can carry on by writing a book.

I sincerely thank you for all your effort and spending money to enlighten the lives of our Residents.

May all of you experience a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.

André on behalf of Ans, Annamarie, Soline, Magdaline, Haveline, Raquel,
Kerith Retreat.”

If you would like to join us in supporting Kerith Retreat - just send us a message through our enquiry page! 

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