Essen Mit Spier

Essen Mit Spier

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Essen Mit Spier

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Every year there are more and more wine estates, boutique cellars and farms for the erudite luxury travel fundi, so the fact remains: there’s no shortage of great places to eat in Stellenbosch. But Spier was one of the very first!

Since 1962, the estate is still home to the oldest dated cellar in the country and has seen over three centuries of viticulture, numerous renovations and restorations and still remains one of the most popular sites to visit in town that is merely thirteen years older.

If you’re looking for an outdoor dining experience, this environmentally conscious estate is a spacious and comfortable spot to enjoy a farm-fresh seasonal spread. Take a seat at the picnic benches, or lounge on the lawn beside the Eerste Rivier.

When you order a picnic basket, this is what you have to look forward to!

  • Wood-fired baguette with biltong butter and artichoke pate
  • Warm and hearty Spier farm vegetable soup
  • Food garden tart
  • Winter leaf salad
  • Hot smoked trout potato salad with Spier egg
  • Pasture-fed rotisserie chicken with homemade mayo
  • Sticky chocolate cake with salted caramel pecan nut and soft-whipped vanilla bean cream
  • Dalewood farm cheese and stoneground flour crackers
  • Bottle of Spier signature wine

If you are a real foodie you’ll be pleased to know that most of the ingredients are sourced from the farm at Spier, or from neighbouring suppliers that have the same ethical, zero-kilometre ethos as it does.

Gluten-free and vegetarian baskets are also available, and another brilliant offer for their picnic baskets mean that If you’d prefer to compile your own hamper, you can select goodies from Spier’s Eight to Go deli, and rent a picnic blanket!

The original review was written for TIG.


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