Flyboarding in South Africa

Flyboarding in South Africa

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Soar high above the surf

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Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well, you could do so on your next luxury vacation, thanks to a water sports craze called flyboarding that is best described as a combination of surfing and flying.

The flyboard is essentially a surfboard that bolts onto a jetski motor. The waterjet is then routed through an 18-metre hose, which is connected to a pair of jet boots and handheld stabilisers, propelling you through the water and the air, promising thrills and spills galore.

This innovative device was created in 2011 by a water sports enthusiast from Marseille called Franky Zapata, and it enables you to spring up to 10 metres into the air and hover above the waves.

A professional instructor will help you to master the equipment and develop your technique, as well as even tricks, such as backward somersaults. It is said you can work out how to use the device in 5 minutes and master it in a couple of sessions, so you’ll soon be soaring like a bird above the water or diving into the ocean like a dolphin.

If you fall in love with this awesome recreational activity, your movements should begin to feel more natural after a few days, as you gain more stability, go higher, learn to direct the board, stay above the water for longer, and play around with manoeuvres. The board can push you along at impressive speeds underwater and, as you learn to control the directions you take, you can go deeper or shallower, before rising towards the surface to leap out, take a deep breath, then dive back down again.

If you wish to experience soaring high above the surf, then chat to our Elite Travel Concept team today, and enjoy this exhilarating experience in a river, dam or ocean in South Africa.

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