Four walking safaris with a difference

Four walking safaris with a difference

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Walking safaris in Southern Africa with a difference

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Whether you’re a safari aficionado or new to the bush game, walking in the wild is one of the greatest things to do in Africa, as it allows you to feel part of the natural environment and tune in to its beauty.

A walking safari often leaves people with a deep feeling of connection to the wilderness, and can also be an interactive learning experience that gives a professional guide the chance to really share his knowledge. But, as this article by Tourism Update highlights, a walking safari doesn’t necessarily mean walking randomly around the Lowveld for a couple of hours. Here are some places in Southern Africa that have added an extra twist to the trail.

1. Zen Guided Walk in South Africa
A safari for the ‘sole’ is on offer for those who wish to reconnect with themselves and their surroundings in South Africa’s northern Kruger. A meditative walking safari is undertaken in silence to allow guests to practice mindfulness in the bush. So if you’re looking to immerse yourself and be one with nature, “this can be a very refreshing and healing experience.” Away from the usual noises and distractions, a Zen guided walk will help quieten the mind and engage all of your senses. Walkers can decide how long they wish to walk - anything from one to five hours - and the best part about not actively doing anything other than walking is that you start to really notice all the wonders around you.

2. Walking Safari Immersion in Zimbabwe
Those who just can’t get enough of a walking safari and are looking for an extended experience, can find it in Zimbabwe. For four days on the trot, you will follow the trail of the Zambezi River through Mana Pools National Park along the shoreline. Early each morning, you will leave your mobile camp and keep walking to the next camp spot, where you will be greeted with a well deserved cold drink, hot shower and dinner. You will be accompanied on your walking adventure by a fully qualified guide, and you’re likely to see everything from the Little Five to the Big Five, so be sure to bring your camera.

3. Rhino Tracking Safari in Zambia
Track the white rhino on a walking safari in Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia, and have safari bragging rights for eternity. The beauty of being on foot is that it allows you to experience the magic of getting quite close to this iconic species. A professional guide will lead the way, and the walk lasts for a few hours and takes place all year round. So no matter what the season, it’s always time to tick this experience off your bucket list.

4. Super Sensory Safari in Zimbabwe
Mana Pools is arguably one of the best Southern African parks in which to embark on a walking safari, and African Bush Camps has recently launched their ‘Super Sensory Safari’ experience so that bush lovers can explore their camps “through the lens of biomimicry”. Guided walks are part of this experience and several qualified walking guides work at the camps, so you’ll be sure to make the most of the bushveld.

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