Luxury Yoga Safari

Luxury Yoga Safari

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For the yoga-loving bush babies

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Are you a yogi that would love to strengthen your heart chakra in the heart of nature? Then what better setting to explore the wilderness of your intuition than in the South African wilderness?

Luckily for yoga-loving bush babies, customised yoga safaris are now on offer at Phinda Private Game Reserve in kwaZulu-Natal, which means that you can enjoy creature comforts in the wild, while connecting with yourself and the present moment.

Phinda Game Reserve is renowned for its diversity of habitats and abundance of wildlife, including the Big Five. Thanks to its seven distinct ecosystems, it is often referred to as the ‘Seven Worlds of Wonder’. Many yogis believe that “yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self,” and this luxury yoga safari offers the opportunity to journey to the stillness and sanctuary that is at Phinda and within you.

However, learning to surrender in an uncomfortable posture doesn’t mean you also have to endure an uncomfortable bed. A yoga retreat can be stylish, as well as inspirational and invigorating. The level of luxury at Phinda gives you the chance to meditate at ease and let go of everyday stresses, safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of for you. You will be wonderfully looked after, and every aspect of your stay will be catered to your well-being - from healthy food, fresh smoothies and raw juices, to the privacy and stunning views of your luxury suite.

A day at Phinda can be perfectly balanced with game drives and yoga, so you can practice spotting rarer species - such as cheetah, nyala or black rhino - before you roll out your mat to practice your postures. Scuba diving and swimming with whale sharks are also another couple of activities available if you need a break from your yoga mat.

The programme is tailor-made, which means that it is completely flexible and will be aligned with your experience and capabilities. Bending backwards is everyone’s aim on a luxury yoga safari. So contact Elite Travel Concept to prepare to meet yourself in stillness in the bush, and just breathe.

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