Pop-up Camps

Pop-up Camps

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Adventure in comfort

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Pop-up camps, otherwise known as pop-up hotels, are a unique way of immersing yourself in the wilderness, without having to forego many of the fine touches of luxury offered by lodges. Increasing in popularity, ‘glamping’ - a term coined to explain the idea of luxurious camping - is a way of enjoying the wonders of nature in comfort and style. And the best part is that pop-up camps are self-contained entities in the wilderness, so don’t need to be set up on an established camping site.

Warm beds, flushing toilets, showers and delicious meals can all be part of the experience. You choose the type of tent that you would like for the duration of your glamping holiday, then you can select the optional extras that you would like to complete your tent’s interior and exterior. The list of amenities even includes a bedside table, a director’s chair, a carpet, pedestal lamps, bed linen and a towel pack.

The whole camp will be erected for you, so you don’t have to worry about transporting or setting up any kit or equipment in your desired wilderness location.

Types of tent
There are two types of tent on offer - the safari tent and the explorer tent - and each has its benefits depending on the situation. A safari tent is well suited to bigger spaces and mild weather, whereas the explorer tent is smaller so much better for undulating terrain and harsher weather conditions.

The beauty is that the camp can be designed in accordance with your needs, so if you require an extra ‘room’ for a family member or friend, another tent can be ordered and erected. The great outdoors is your venue, so your camp can be as big as you wish it to be. If you’re keen to celebrate an occasion in style with a group of loved ones, then you can even discuss different dining options, such as specialist caterers.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of adventure but don’t want to forsake a comfortable bed, then contact Elite Travel Concept to custom design your signature camp for a glamping vacation!

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