Stay Green: Travel Green

Stay Green: Travel Green

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Change the way you travel, not the place you travel to

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Every decision you make can have powerful consequences. Not only the big family or business decisions - your luxury holiday decisions count too!

As we settle comfortably into an era that is acutely aware of the ever-changing environment - being green is no longer an issue of envy; it’s become necessary for our survival. Making green choices, remaining mindful of environmentally friendly alternatives is now both hip and aspirational. In luxury travel we have encouraged our clients to minimize their carbon footprint and we have sourced many hotels who are stepping up to the mark and utilizing green practices.

There are plenty that we love to work with and assist our clients in making wise, sustainable choices that don’t compromise their values or their choices to enjoy a first-class experience.

Here are just two to whet your appetite!

The Oyster Box

They believe they have a responsibility towards the magnificent area in which they operate, embracing the idea that travellers exploring the world in search of personal experiences, can work towards creating a reality where the environment is in perfect harmony with travel dreams and appreciating that what is good for the environment.

The Staff and Management at The Oyster Box are committed to supporting and ensuring a sustainable environment both at home, at work and within our communities. They strive to achieve this by actively participating in community projects targeted at sustainability as well as educating and enhancing the lives of others.

The Hotel also efficiently manages and measures their energy needs, reducing demand for energy with the use of new technology, and conserving natural resources. They use products, responsible suppliers and materials that support and encourage sustainable practices and do not threaten our environment. They manage their waste streams to ensure that they can maximise recycling and minimize their demand on landfill space.


According to their website they do not just conserve the environment, they are deeply integrated and supportive within their eco-system, constantly pioneering new paths.

It was in 1991 that the Lutzeyer family first set eyes on a small farm on the fynbos slopes overlooking Walker Bay – and they couldn’t believe the beauty they saw. In 1994 Michael sold his business interests in Cape Town and decided to develop a bed and breakfast on the site for local visitors, not knowing that soon he would be attracting visitors from across the globe.

Since then, through a combination of hard work, enthusiasm, vision and strong family cooperation, the Lutzeyers have turned the reserve into a world leader in progressive luxury tourism, transforming the lives of community members and preserving 2500 hectares of botanical and wildlife treasures.

Unparalleled luxury combined with a natural and enlightened way of living, to give you deeper connections to the earth, other people and yourself, is the future of luxury travel. Chat to our Elite Travel Concept team today to plan your eco-friendly stay in Southern Africa!

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