Swim with wild dolphins in Mozambique

Swim with wild dolphins in Mozambique

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Immerse yourself in this tropical underwater world

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A dream for many people is to take to the oceans and swim with dolphins. It’s said that a dolphin’s sonar frequencies can even alter your cellular structures, leaving you with a sense of peace and happiness that you just can’t put a price on.

However, it’s important that the dolphins also want to swim with you. Unlike dolphins in captivity, which are forced to perform tricks and entertain humans in a small space, the beauty of swimming with wild dolphins is that they are free. As are you. And their freedom serves to heighten your own sense of freedom, making it quite a spiritual experience.

Dolphins are highly intelligent beings that are often not shy around people, but it is important to swim with a qualified guide who can sense the needs of these protected marine animals, and can sensitively lead you to join a dolphin pod. If a dolphin is happy to swim with you, they will swim around you in a playful circle. Otherwise, they will try to avoid you, so we should respect their wishes and leave them alone.

The good news is that many programmes that organise swimming with wild dolphins in Mozambique are regulated by a responsible Code of Conduct, and a good operator will follow Ethical Marine Mammal Tourism and support the DolphinCare Code of Conduct, which includes not touching the dolphins while swimming. This means that you can rest assured that your bucket-list adventure will also be an ethical experience.

The crystal clear waters of the Ponto do Ouro and Quirimbas Archipelago regions in southern Mozambique are a perfect place to spot the bottlenose dolphin, the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and the spinner dolphin. They can be seen in the warm waters all year round, and divers in the Quirimbas usually can see them swimming along the sandy bottoms of shallow waters.

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