Take to the skies over Kruger

Take to the skies over Kruger

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Fly in a hot air balloon ride near
the Kruger National Park

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Have you been on a luxury safari and are not sure how you could ever possibly top the experience? Or are you a new recruit that is looking to be blown away? Our team at Elite Travel Concept can offer an experience that will take you above and beyond the bushveld horizon - a hot air balloon ride near the Kruger National Park.

Weather permitting, before sunrise you’ll head away from your luxury lodge to the small town of Hoedspruit, which is near the mid-western section of the Kruger. After savouring a cup of coffee while your cloud-chariot is prepared for flight, you’ll then take to skies tinged with pink as the Klein Drakensberg mountain range rears its head from slumber in the west and the African wilderness stretches itself awake beneath you. It’ll be hard to believe that you’re not still dreaming as you soar over the treetops like a martial eagle and reach heights of up to 2,000 feet.

As the hot air balloon drifts over the various reserves in the area, you’ll keep an eye out for wildlife as it starts to stir. Lappet-faced vultures may gaze up in awe while you peer out over the 1.2-metre-high basket, while an 180,000-cubic-foot sac of warm air will keep you cosy even during the chilliest of winter dawns. Then after about an hour of scenic splendour, it’ll be time to touch back down at a suitable landing site and raise a glass of bubbly to celebrate your exhilarating luxury adventure in the skies.

So whether it’ll be your first or umpteenth luxury safari, contact Elite Travel Concept now to get ready to float up, up and away!

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