TripAdvisor adds airline reviews

TripAdvisor adds airline reviews

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TripAdvisor adds airline reviews

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One of the much-overlooked aspects of luxury travel to Southern Africa is the actual airline experience. Your airline will determine how you start… and finish your adventure, setting the tone for your memories. Our team of Elite Travel experts are well aware of this and stay on top of the best, most luxurious means of travel - not only your accommodation and experiences ‘on the ground’.

Tripadvisor, the popular travel website company providing user reviews of travel-related content, has revealed a redesign introducing reviews of airline carriers. This new functionality allows for user reviews of airlines and flights, travellers’ photos of seats and lounges as well as amenity information.

“Airline reviews from the millions of flyers on TripAdvisor will better communicate the total value of a flight beyond the price,” says Tripadvisor.

Users must specify their origin, destination and the month and year they flew (and can optionally insert the flight number before rating the airline and detailing their experiences).

Airlines are ranked on things like seat comfort, legroom space, ease of checking-in, cleanliness, food and drink, wi-fi and entertainment and overall value for money. All of these criteria factor in what is referred to as a “flyscore”.

The new functionality has has been in beta testing for a while, meaning that there are currently a host of reviews already available.

Admittedly airlines attract criticism, largely due to delays and additional charges, but this provides a great medium through which they can respond to customer complaints.

The website, and app, are available on desktop and mobile in 48 countries and 28 languages.

Wondering which airline is the most luxurious? You can leave that to our Elite Travel team - get in touch with us and we will take care of the rest.

Source: traveller24


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