Zim-Zam Univisa ‘Coming Soon’

Zim-Zam Univisa 'Coming Soon'

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Zim-Zam Univisa 'Coming Soon'

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The conjoined visa between Zimbabwe and Zambia (Zim-Zam Univisa) successfully piloted between 2014 and 2015, will soon be fully implemented, according to Chilala Mayanda Habasimbi, Zambia Ministry of Tourism Acting Principal Tourism and Development Research Officer.

At the moment the exact date of implementation is under speculation due to the upcoming Zambian elections. However, Mayanda Habasimbi said “the memorandum of understanding is almost cleared”, and there is a need to see how the project would continue forward following the successful pilot project.

Francis Ngwenya, President Zimbabwe Council of Tourism, said, “The last time we followed up, there was an agreement but it’s now a matter of getting the paperwork and the signatures.”

Zambian Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata said last year that the initial univisa project between Zimbabwe and Zambia had been very successful and it would be extended to other SADC countries including Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique.

This is promising news for travellers, allowing more freedom and more reason to explore the wonders that Africa has to offer.

Source: tourismupdate


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