Caveman Luxury

Caveman Luxury

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Cave suites fashioned from the natural sandstone

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Caveman luxury sounds like an oxymoron. However, the unique accommodation at Kagga Kamma will leave any troglodytes standing (or rather stooping) corrected. These are still comfortable quarters, but just take the form of a cave.

Inspired by the rich cultural history of the surrounding Cederberg Mountains, 10 ‘cave suites’ were integrated into the natural sandstone formations on the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. Blending into the environment, each suite is simply but elegantly equipped with an ensuite bathroom, double bed, toiletries and even bathrobes. Each manmade cave also has a terrace with a view of the surrounding flora and fauna, and even has air conditioning that can be adjusted to a heat setting during winter to keep you cosy.

There are also five spacious ‘hut suites’, which resemble the traditional dwellings of the San people, who are part of one of the oldest tribes on Earth.

According to experts, traces of the oldest relatives of modern man can even be found in their genes. However, it goes without saying that these hunter-gatherers would have had to forego the luxury of a king-size bed with ensuite bathroom, hairdryer and other guest amenities, which are provided in the suites on this reserve.

In addition, Kagga Kamma also has two open-air rooms, set between stunning rock formations and overlooking the fynbos plains that bloom with wildflowers in spring. In these suites, the sky is your ceiling and the stars are your nightlights. But don’t believe for a second that you’ll be roughing it, as the ‘Star Suite’ comes with a queen-size bed, a natural rock pool so you can cool off during the day, and a ‘star bath’ so you can enjoy a soak with no walls to obstruct your view at night.

The resort supports sustainable tourism practices and has even installed a solar photovoltaic hybrid energy system, which provides environmentally-friendly power to all the suites at all times of day. So you can follow in the footsteps of prehistoric man without leaving a big carbon footprint.

Rock art tours, quad bike safaris and guided nature drives can be arranged to keep you busy during the day, or you can simply kick back around one of the swimming pools or enjoy wellness treatments at the spa until it’s time to retreat back to your cave to look for shooting stars.

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in an unspoiled wilderness area, contact Elite Travel Concept to experience the natural treasures and signature accommodation amidst the rock formations on this enchanting reserve.

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