Gourmet Safaris – Part 1

Gourmet Safaris - Part 1

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The art of mixing fine cuisine with game viewing

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Our team at Elite Travel Concept recently stumbled upon a delightful recipe book called Gourmet Safari, which revealed all the secrets to cooking top-notch cuisine in the bush, along with a selection of stunning wildlife photography. While we turned each page, unsure of whether to be more in awe of the mouthwatering recipes or the wonders of the wild, we started thinking about this interesting pairing of priorities.

The joy of fine dining in nature is oft overlooked. However, just as the notes of a pinotage can enhance the flavours of a Cape Malay curry, a fine dining experience at the end of a day exploring the bush can enhance an already marvellous luxury vacation.

The experience of nature in comfort is almost incomparable. Many of us sometimes need to get away from it all, but that doesn’t mean we also have to say goodbye to our beloved luxuries. An article published on Food Republic takes a look at seven South African operations that are offering a culinary adventure that is “every bit as magical as the magnificent wildlife”. So get ready to tuck into these three as starters...

As with everything that happens at a Singita lodge in South Africa and Zimbabwe, the ethos is to go above and beyond. Rather than merely taking the path of recruitment, it even trains aspiring chefs in its own private cooking school. Once they have mastered the arts of the kitchen, sustainability is a key factor in the dishes - all game and fish is locally sourced, and the company grows its own vegetables. Superfoods make an appearance, so don’t be surprised to see kombucha or wheatgrass on the menu, along with gluten-free and other dietary options.

Each &Beyond lodge and camp is unique and brings its own flavours to the table. In Mozambique you will be introduced to the fiery peri-peri marinades, while in South Africa you can expect to find some of the local specialities of boerewors (sausage) and koeksisters (syrupy donuts) awaiting, as well as the delights of an impromptu braai (barbeque) when the need arises. Authenticity is what this operation holds dear, and this is emphasised in its sustainable approach and its recruitment of local community members.

umSisi House
Glorious home cooking can be found in umSisi House, which is set in 60 hectares of pristine bush, just 15 minutes south of Kruger’s Numbi Gate. Particularly catering for groups and families, your hosts will prepare gourmet picnics for you to take into the national park to keep you going until you return to the luxury villa and your evening gastronomic safari begins.

Hungry yet? Well, as the subtitle of the recipe book that initially grabbed our attention suggests, go on your own “gastronomic journey through the wonders of Africa”. Just contact Elite Travel Concept to start planning your gourmet safari from your first Amarula coffee at sunrise.

And keep your eye out for our next blog in which we will divulge the rest of the best culinary bush hotspots in Southern Africa.

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