Kruger – A Winter Wonderland

Kruger - A Winter Wonderland

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Winter in the Kruger National Park

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Bush-shrikes sing, are you listening? In the lodge, dew is glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, game driving through a Kruger wonderland.

Okay, so those may not be the original lyrics, but they sure are applicable to those travelling in Kruger from June to September. And with winter around the corner in the southern hemisphere, our team at Elite Travel Concept was delighted to read this article in Kruger Lowveld that proves that South Africa’s iconic national park is even more fabulous in the winter!

Many a South African citizen may go into hibernation during this time, but the wildlife in the Kruger National Park most certainly didn’t get the memo. In fact, these five reasons make it clear why winter is arguably the best time to visit this bucket-list safari destination.

1. Better visibility
In the region of South Africa where Kruger is situated, there isn’t much rain in the winter, which means that the bush is dry and the vegetation sparse. This makes it perfect for spotting wildlife on a game drive, so during winter you’re almost guaranteed good sightings.

2. Waterhole activity
The lack of rainfall over the winter months also means that animals can be seen gathering around the waterholes in the morning and afternoon. So it’s not just a question of being able to easily spot a cheetah stalking its prey without lush vegetation getting in the way, it’s also that you know exactly where to go to watch the wildlife.

3. Comfortable temperatures
The weather is also just right during this time. According to the article, “the greater Kruger Lowveld has a sub-tropical climate, with humid and hot summer temperatures, and dry, temperate winters.” This means the winter days are very pleasant - neither sweaty nor snowy.

4. Fewer mosquitos
As much as we humans may like the drier air and milder temperatures, luckily mosquitoes don’t share the same preference. Although it’s best to be on the safe side and still take precautions against malaria, in winter there are generally fewer mozzies buzzing around and making a nuisance of themselves.

5. Adventure activities
As a result of it being less humid, winter is also a great time to take advantage of the more extreme outdoor activities. Quad biking along the Sabana River is a great thing to do in winter, and abseiling down Makhulu, a 27-metre rock face that overlooks the national park, is another favourite amongst adrenalin junkies.

Then after a busy day out exploring the bush, come back to your luxury lodge to snuggle in a blanket by the fire with a cup of Amarula-spiked hot chocolate. If this all sounds appealing, contact Elite Travel Concept to arrange how to make the most of this special season in the Kruger National Park.

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